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25+ Delicious Whipped Cream Vodka Recipes

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Today I’ve gathered up over 20 of our favorite Whipped Cream Vodka recipes. With everything from pineapple juice to cranberry juice, whipped cream vodka can compliment a lot of different drinks. I find we use it mostly in the Fall and Winter, but we recently made some delicious Valentine’s Day drinks as well.

25 + Delicious Whipped Cream Vodka Recipes

What does whipped cream vodka go good with?

The answer- lots of things, as you can see by this list of amazing cocktails, shots, jello shots, and pudding shots all made with whipped vodka!

Whether you opt for Pinnacle Whipped Vodka or Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka, there are plenty of whipped cream vodka recipes on this list to have you covered. If it is a special occasion or just a Friday night, if you are a fan of whipped cream vodka like we are, there is sure a few delicious cocktails (or shots) on this list you will love.

Cocktails with Whipped Cream Vodka

whipped cream vodka cocktails

The possibilities are endless. Here are some of our favorite cocktails featuring whipped cream vodka-

This Orange Creamsicle Cocktail is a delicious drink made with orange juice, creamy cream of coconut, and Pinnacle Whipped Vodka! It is perfect for hot Summer days, and the orange flavors are perfect.

This Liquified Ghost Martini from Cooking with Curls is so much fun for Halloween, or anytime you need a spookily white cocktail.

This Sweetie Martini was made for Valentine’s Day but is the perfect sweet cocktail any time of year.

Here’s a fun Lemon Drop Cream Soda cocktail from Chocolate Moosey.

Our S’mores Cocktail is made with whipped cream vodka, heavy cream, and Kahlua. This is one of our favorite vodka cocktails, and reminds us of a S’mores themed White Russian with a fun chocolate and crushed graham crackers on the rim of the glass.

This Chocolate Chip Cookie Martini from The Soccer Mom Blog is super fun and unique- made with whipped vodka and cookie dough whiskey!

Our Winter Snowflake Cocktail is a creamy drink made with Smirnoff Whipped Cream vodka and heavy whipping cream, perfect for the holiday season.

This White Chocolate Covered Cherry cocktail is made with grenadine and white chocolate liqueur.

A Grateful Meal has a Lemon Cheesecake cocktail for you to try. It is the perfect delicious dessert cocktail.

Here’s a perfect Pumpkin Rumchata Martini from The Littlest Crumb. We love a simple drink that is extra delicious.

Another fun Halloween option- this Candy Corn Martini from The Short Order Cook.

So many unique cocktails here with all kinds of different flavors. Which one would you try first? This has to be our favorite out of all the flavored vodkas. It’s so versatile and really brings something to each and every recipe we use it in.  It is a great way to really emphasize whipped cream flavors in your drinks.

Jello Shots

whipped cream vodka jello shots

Our most popular, Strawberry Jello Shots with Whipped Cream vodka. Make a big batch for your next party.

Our Candy Corn Jello Shots for fall are so yummy and the whipped vodka really sets off the flavors. They are the perfect addition to your Halloween cocktails table.

Pinnacle whipped vodka was perfect for making these Strawberry Shortcake Jello Shots.

Our Pineapple Upside Down Cake Jello Shots are a fun tasty treat. They offer a unique flavor in a fun little shot.

Whipped vodka makes these Pumpkin Jello Shots taste like pumpkin pie!

Perfect for Summer- try these Pineapple Jello Shots made with whipped cream-flavored vodka.

Pudding Shots

whipped cream vodka pudding shots

Whipped cream vodka is an excellent addition to creamy pudding shots! They are perfect for those with a booze inspired sweet tooth.

Our Chocolate Pudding Shots with Kahlua and Vodka are so yummy and the perfect dessert treat. The chocolate pudding and whipped cream vodka are the perfect combination.

Our Strawberry Cheesecake Pudding Shots are perfect with whipped cream vodka.

These Baileys Hot Chocolate Pudding Shots from Fun Money Mom are seriously so much fun!

These White Russian Pudding Shots from Ann’s Entitled Life are amazing!

Regular Shots

whipped cream vodka shots

These Apple Pie Shots are a delicious boozy treat.

This delicious Peppermint Shot Recipe from Fun Money Mom is a delicious winter-time treat.

Try these fun Harry Potter Inspired Butterbeer Shots!

Trry this Lemon Merengue Shot made with whipped vodka and limoncello liqueur from Kim Schob! 

Also, his amazing Chocolate Cake Shot from Britney Breaks Bread.

Here are a few whipped cream vodka FAQs-

Is whipped cream vodka the same as cake vodka?

It’s not, but cake vodka is getting harder and harder to find. We love using whipped cream vodka instead, it is easier to find and offers a similar, great flavor for lots of cocktails.

Does Whipped Cream vodka need to be refrigerated?

​Nope, not at all. I prefer my liquors cold for cocktail making, most of the time, but it is not necessary to refrigerate.

What soda is good with whipped cream vodka?

I’d imagine any soda you like! But, I have heard of people keeping it very simple and mixing theirs with ginger ale.

Whether it is Happy Hour or you are serving up lots of boozy cocktails for a crowd, I hope I’ve added something to this list for all of the cocktail enthusiasts out there. What whipped cream vodka recipes should we make next?

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