Where To Buy Jello Shot Cups

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For those looking to take their party hosting skills to the next level, jello shots are a must-have addition to the drink menu. However, finding the perfect jello shot cups can be a daunting task. So, where can you buy the best jello shot cups for your next gathering?

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 Where To Buy Jello Shot Cups

In this article, we will explore the various options for purchasing jello shot cups, from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to online retailers. Whether you’re in need of a large bulk order for a big celebration or just a small pack for an intimate gathering, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to the days of using flimsy, makeshift cups for your jello shots.

What are the jello shot cups called?

Jello shot cups are typically referred to as disposable clear plastic 2 oz shot glasses, portion cups with lids, or souffle cups. They are small plastic disposable cups or containers with lids commonly used for serving jello shots or storing salad dressing, sauce, and other condiments. These plastic portion cups with lids are designed for food storage and delivery, with leak-proof snap on lids to ensure safe shipping or pickup. They are also known as plastic shot glasses, condiment cups with lids, or mini cups.

Try these 3 searches the next time you are searching for jello shot cups online-

Condiment cups

Plastic shot glasses

Disposable sauce cups

What size container is best for jello shots?

We use either 2 ounce or 3 ounce jello shot cups for our shots. If you see the shorter jello shots, those are 2 ounce, or our taller shots are made in 3 ounce cups. One important thing to note is I have not been able to find the larger 3 ounce cups with lids, only the 2 ounce versions come with lids so that the shots can be sealed.

Where can you buy jello shot cups?

Online- Amazon and Walmart both have these cups available for purchase online!

On Amazon-

2 Ounce Shot Cups with lids

3 Ounce Shot Cups

In Stores- Walmart carries the 2-ounce cups, as well as most grocery stores. In stores you’ll find them on the paper goods aisle with the other larger plastic cups! Often, there’s only one type so look closely! They’re packaged together with their lids!

Where to buy plastic jello shot cups with lids?

If you are looking specifically for the jello shot cups with lids, I recommend looking online on Amazon, or in stores at Walmart or your local grocery store.

Can you make jello shots with paper cups?

Yes, if you want to cut back on plastic usage, you can make jello shots with paper cups. Although the traditional way to make jello shots is by using plastic shot glasses, you can also use 2 ounce paper cups. The smaller medicine ones are 1 ounce, so be sure and get the 2 ounce capacity ones. These do not come with lids, and I recommend serving the jello shots pretty quickly, before the cups get soggy.

Can you make jello shots in cupcake cups?

Yes! Believe it or not, you can make your jello shots inside cupcake wrappers. This would work best with a miniature cupcake tin and that sized cupcake liner, but you could use larger ones as well. However, you will need the pan, so that you can set the cupcake liners inside, and let the jello set in there until they hold their shape.

Can you use bathroom cups for jello shots?

While yes, technically you could put your jello shots into bathroom cups, it doesn’t make for as good of a presentation as the plastic ones, or even the paper cups or cupcake liners. This would be my absolute last option for cups to hold my jello shots.

Are jello shot cups reusable?

I don’t think I would reuse jello shot cups, if you want reusable cups you could just use regular shot glasses. Usually, the plastic or paper cups are meant to be disposable, so I’d just toss them when you are done for super easy clean up.

What are some tips for transporting jello shot cups without spills?

If you are transporting your jello shots, I highly recommend making them inside of the two ounce cups with lids. They’re stackable, which is a plus, and you can just make them and toss them right into your cooler. Easy peasy!

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