Fall Cocktails | Our Favorite Festive Drinks

Something about Fall just makes me want to whip up some amazing drinks, apparently. I’ve got several on this site, so you can find all of my festive Fall cocktails here in one place. I’ve added some delicious cocktails from a few friends, too. I’ll update as new cocktail recipes are added, so you can always check back here for some new drink inspiration.

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fun & festive Fall cocktails

Fall Mixed Drinks

There are so many ways to make yummy drinks with vodka, rum, or even whisky with a few Fall inspired ingredients. Apple, cranberry, and caramel are all really great Fall flavors you can use in your mixed drink combinations.

For vodka, we love White Russians, which is what inspired this Salted Caramel White Russian recipe. I also have even more salted caramel vodka drinks for extra ideas.

For rum, this Apple Cider and Rum Punch is a great option, and this could be made into a pitcher, too.

Fall Sangria

Sangrias are typically made with wine and chopped fruit. I love making sangrias with either red wine, or white. There are so many great combinations, and for Fall fruit you can add chopped apples or pears. Grapes are in season, and cranberries are almost ready, too. There are so many great Fall fruits to spruce up your sangria with.

I have a delicious caramel apple sangria and also another roundup of even more Fall sangria recipes.

If you are a caramel apple fan, like I am, you may also like these other caramel apple cocktails.

Fall Inspired Mimosas

The mimosa is another drink that I love. Mimosas are great for making in a big batch to serve for the holidays, too. Typically mimosas have champagne, a fruit juice, and some extra ingredients like triple sec, vodka, or even whisky.

This cranberry apple mimosa is another great example of using fresh, in-season fruits in your cocktails.

boozy Fall milkshake

Boozy Milkshakes

You don’t typically think of milkshakes for Fall, but with pumpkin or apple pie milkshakes, you can create some really fun boozy milkshakes.

My favorite milkshake cocktail is a mudslide. Mudslides typically include vodka, coffee liqueur, and irish cream liqueur. Often, heavy cream is used, or for a frozen mudslide you can use ice cream, which makes for a really delicious dessert/drink combination.

There are so many great varieties of liqueur now, the possibilities are endless.

I made a delicious pumpkin spice mudslide using pumpkin spice Baileys liqueur, and Blue Bell pumpkin pecan spice ice cream.

Spiked Hot Cocoa and Coffees

On the subject of coffee liqueur, I also love making delicious hot drinks in the Fall, too. Spiked hot cocoa and coffee recipes are especially delicious in the colder months. They’re perfect for enjoying around the fire.

Here is a yummy Kahlua Hot Chocolate recipe for you to try. It serves 4, so it is perfect for a Fall night at home.

Then, jump on this trend and make a boozy Kahlua Dalgona Coffee.

We also love this delicious Warm Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail, topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce!

Another great idea is creating these boozy warm cocktail gifts, perfect for hostess gifts and Fall care packages, when age appropriate. Check out these great ideas-

Fall Cocktail Garnishes and Styling

Along with fresh seasonal fruits, I also love garnishing Fall cocktails with cinnamon sticks, caramel or brown sugar rimmed glasses, and more. Here are some great Fall accents for serving your cocktails-

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